I’m here now guys… sheesh

By popular demand, I’m finally starting a movie review blog. As a theater manager I get to watch movies for free so it goes without saying that I see A LOT of movies. Unfortunately, this means I’ll have to take on the challenge of seeing movies I already know are going to be terrible (Deep sigh) but I’ll take the sacrifice. Please feel free to hit me up on twitter @B_Sinatra to request any review. Feedback is welcome. I’ll try my best to be objective and not bash every movie 😀 and in return I ask that you guys don’t bash me. Hope you all enjoy, and the first review will come real soon!


One thought on “I’m here now guys… sheesh

  1. Looking forward to your first, shiny, brand new review on this page. Here’s welcomh you to WordPress and wishing you many happy hours of reviewing on these pages! Cheers! 🙂

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