Ex_Machina Review

Sometimes it’s the simple things that resonate best. A science fiction film doesn’t always need dozens of action sequences, wall to wall CGI, and a long list of eclectic characters. Sometimes it just needs one immensely stimulating idea, a simple illusion to give authenticity, a director with keen vision, and a few splendid actors to […]

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Unfriended Review

I usually don’t review horror films. Not because I dislike them (the 80’s slasher films are some of my favorites), but because more than any other genre, horror flicks have become redundant. Even the relatively new found footage style of horror filmmaking has gotten stale. Personally, I need more than the typical demonic possession, creepy […]

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Spring Quick Reviews

While you were prepping for Furious 7 and watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer over and over again, some other movies came out. Here are some quick thoughts on the other films from this month. IT FOLLOWS This supernatural horror flick by little known filmmaker David Robert Mitchell originally made the film festival rounds […]

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