2 Bad Movie Reviews

I chose the title to kill the suspense on this one. Saw two movies recently that were so forgettable that I didn’t care to post about them. Alas… I had people ask me my thoughts on them, so I suppose I should be fair to the other lousy films I’ve seen this year, and share. […]

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Ninja Turtles Review

Ahh… the reboot. Nowadays, they’re almost a genre in themselves. There are different ways to reboot a film series. You can do an exact remake with modern changes to fit the time period. You can do a reinterpretation grounded with more realistic and darker elements. Or you can do what producer (not director by the […]

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Get On Up Review

Biographical films are a very delicate genre. Just because you have an interesting figure, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have an interesting film. After all, you’ve seen enough of them to virtually know how things will go (bouts with drug abuse, domestic violence, friendship fallouts, racism, etc.). Thus when it comes to keeping a […]

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