47 Ronin Review

Has a television show ever caught your attention because it involves some of the elements of past shows you’ve liked? Then you start watching the show and it feels like you need to go back and watch previous episodes so that you know what’s going on? That… to some degree… was my experience with 47 […]

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American Hustle… Full Review

It’s amazing what you can do with a great cast. In some instances, you can take a group of talented actors and build a story solely around them. And while this is no guarantee for a great movie (see The Counselor), it does provide enough of a framework to make something worthwhile more times than […]

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Holiday Movie Quick-Hits

There have been so many movies coming out this holiday season, that I haven’t had the time to assess them all. Here are a few quick reviews from some films that have come out in the past month… 12 Years A Slave The subject matter is anything but unique. But the portrayals and gritty realism […]

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