Book Review Of “The Fourth Kinetic: Clairvoyants” By Brady Moore

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-:Blurb:- There are four breeds of Clairvoyants: Kinetics who can move objects with their minds, Prophets who have involuntary visions of the future, Readers who can explore the deepest thoughts of others in an instant and Aural who can transfer their consciousness to control the bodies of others. 17-year-old Rion Grean…

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Clairvoyants: The Fourth Kinetic by Brady Moore – Book Tour – @BMooreTheAuteur @CayellePub

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Clairvoyants: The Fourth Kinetic by Brady Moore  1st – 10th May  Join us as our hosts review the book and feature their thoughts on Bookstagram, Book Blogs and other social media. Honest review from real readers. Clairvoyants: The Fourth Kinetic by Brady Moore  Blurb? There are four breeds of…

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Coming 2 America Review

1988’s Coming to America is perhaps my favorite comedy of all time. Like many, I can probably quote 90% of it word for word. I’ve long been a card carrying member of the ‘Don’t make unnecessary sequels’ Club. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We never needed a follow up, and yet… just like […]

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Ready Player One (Full Review)

Steven Spielberg knows how to make an adventure film. For decades he has created and adapted unique worlds for the big screen that have become iconic in pop culture. So there is perhaps no one more equipped to tackle Ready Player One, a 2011 novel written by Ernest Cline that is bursting at the seams […]

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Justice League (Full Review)

Dreary, uninspired, and virtually tone deaf to the decades of phenomenal source material that came before it… the more you think about it, the more Batman v Superman feels like a train wreck. But Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman showed that DC and Warner Bros. has some footing. Now comes Justice League, the original super team […]

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A Bad Moms Christmas (Full Review)

This year’s obligatory Christmas film that releases the day after Halloween is A Bad Moms Christmas. 2016’s Bad Moms was a wholehearted tribute to mom’s everywhere. And even though many of its raunchy jokes failed to land and its script often felt cartoonish, a solid cast with good chemistry helped it get its point across. […]

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The Dark Tower (Full Review)

When you think of Stephen King, horror films like The Shining, Carrie, and It are the first things that come to mind. But in his decades of creating literary classics, he’s also managed to create one of the best selling fantasy series’. I’ve never read The Dark Tower but have always been vaguely familiar with […]

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Holiday Quick Reviews

TROLLS One of the most popular children’s toys of the 90’s becomes a kids movie, ‘cause why not? Anna Kendrick stars as Poppie, princess of the happy-go lucky singing trolls who must team up with surly troll Branch (Justin Timberlake) to rescue her friends from big goblins who believe that eating the trolls are the […]

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